In the beginning God — He is eternal — He is our Almighty God, the Creator of heaven & earth. He gives life and He takes life away. Yet He is also our Father who has made His love, grace, mercy and justice known to us in His Word, the Bible, which is His infallible word and is the final word on everything we believe and practice

Jesus Christ

God demonstrated His love toward us by sending His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to live among us, He is both fully God and fully man. Because of our disobedience and denial of God, He sent His Son into the world to be the bearer of our punishment by dying on the cross, then rising from the dead and ascending into heaven. It is through faith and belief in Him and all he has achieved for us, that we have been reconciled to God.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy spirit has been sent from heaven by the Father as promised by His Son Jesus. He makes it possible for us to turn to God and to trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. He makes the death of Christ a reality to us, giving us spiritual life and drawing us back to God. The Spirit lives in all those he has spiritually renewed making us more like Christ in word, thought and deed. He guides us through life helping us avoid the pitfalls ahead of us and convicts us of our sin when we stumble and fall, helping us to confess our short comings and stay in harmony with our God and Father.


We believe that God created the whole world and everything in it, and that He created it all good. However, we now live in a broken world because humanity rejected God as ruler, even though as Creator He is the only rightful ruler of the world. Now that we have a broken relationship with God, it is as though we are dead people walking – we might be physically alive, but we are spiritually dead, with no ability to save ourselves.

The Church

We believe that the Church is what the Bible calls the ‘body’ of Christ, a group of Christians who believe the Bible and the Good News about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and whose purpose is to worship God and to tell others about this Good News. We fulfil this purpose through meeting together to read, teach and apply the Bible to our lives, praying together, encouraging each other in our daily journey following Jesus, and sharing with others that Jesus is the Saviour and King. We are an evangelical Bible believing Church, seeking to bring the joy of salvation to our community.